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What people are saying about the Love All of Yourself 5-Day Challenge

“Olivia’s Love Yourself 5-Day Challenge was just what I needed to re-center myself during a time of extreme stress and inner misalignment.  The simplicity of her practices made them quick and easy to follow, while providing a solid framework within which I was able to create a nurturing space to care for myself.  Being reminded and encouraged to practice self-love was essential to my path back to alignment and inner peace.  Thank you, Olivia, for guiding me back to self-love and all the love you share with the world!”                                ~ Vanessa B., Santa Monica, CA

“This has been so great!  I’m going to do the 5-day challenge over again with my daughter, age 9, and then again with my son, age 5. Much love and gratitude!!”  ~ Allison R., Salt Lake City, UT

"Here’s a coincidental (maybe not) bit of personal history that arose for me simultaneously with the Post It notes with the declaration of “I am worthy of Love and Belonging”. Out of nowhere a thought rose that my paternal grandmother, who was the musical one in the family, never seemed to care about me or my siblings.  She really disliked my mother and felt that my father hadn’t married as well as he should have and so all progeny were not as good as her other grandchildren.  I immediately realized that this was the root of my life long sense of not belonging or being good enough.  I’d erased it from my memory because she died when I was around 7 and I didn’t care too much. I wondered that something was wrong with me, aren’t you supposed to feel sadness when someone dies?  So, that this old thought would dislodge in tandem with the exercise is pretty cool.  I feel like I finally nailed what the root was around belonging which becomes the path to freedom."  ~ G.L., Los Angeles


"Self-Love is foundational to our health, success, and happiness!"

Olivia Parr Rud
LOVE. Make it Your Business.
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