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In [email protected], The Essential Guide to a Life of Inspired Purpose (A Nautilus Silver Award Winner), I begin offering evidence that bringing love into business is actually good for the bottom line. Next, I share some models of human development that suggest why we are growing less content with the existing ‘loveless’ business paradigm.

In Part II, I delve into my personal healing journey that was so harshly shaped by my corporate path. I share my early struggles in senior management, and how I hid myself to feel safe. I describe going to some very dark places and how I learned to heal and thrive. I offer insights into some powerful practices that I embraced. And I provide a road map for helping you heal, unveil your gifts, and live a life of Inspired Purpose.

I conclude with some loving personal and corporate practices that are emerging to bring us into a new paradigm and will enable us to embrace [email protected] Click to purchase the book on Amazon.

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The [email protected] Method(TM)

The [email protected] Method™ is the companion book to [email protected] The [email protected] Method consists of four steps. As you work through the steps, you are empowered to discover and align with your inspired purpose in your career and in your life. Along the way, you will discover your true self, unveil and release the barriers that get in your way, and learn to show up for yourself and others. The [email protected] Method™ offers techniques and practices to allow you to heal, align with your inspired purpose, and share gifts in the world every day.

Along the way, you will find that by deeply loving yourself and opening your heart, you will tap into your own innate wisdom. This connection to your deepest self will empower you to enjoy unbridled creativity, deeply meaningful relationships, and an abundance of joy at work and at play.

A foundational principle of the [email protected] Method™ is that we live in an interconnected, co-creative universe. Therefore, our paths and destinies are integrally connected with everyone and everything on the planet. Whatever we want to manifest, create, attract, and experience must be desired for the greater good. I believe that as we seek to live an inspired life, we increase the chance that everyone else on the planet will thrive.

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The [email protected] Method - Continued
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Business Intelligence Success Factors

Over the last few decades, the growth of Business Intelligence has enabled companies to streamline many processes and expand into new markets on an unprecedented scale. New BI technologies are also enabling mass collaboration and innovation. However, implementation of these BI solutions often gives rise to new challenges. Business Intelligence Success Factors shows you how to turn those challenges into opportunities by mastering five key skills.

Olivia Parr Rud shares insights gained from her two decades of experience in Business Intelligence to offer the latest practices that are emerging in organizational development. Written to help enhance your understanding of the current business climate and to provide the tools necessary to thrive in this new global economy, Business Intelligence Success Factors examines the components of chaos theory, complex adaptive systems, quantum physics, and evolutionary biology. A scientific framework for these new corporate issues helps explain why developing these key competencies are critical, given the speed of change, globalization, as well as advancements in technology and Business Intelligence.

Divided into four cohesive parts, Business Intelligence Success Factors explores:

  • The current business landscape as well as the latest scientific research: today's business realities and how and why they can lead to chaos
  • New scientific models for viewing the global economy
  • The five essential competencies―Communication, Collaboration, Innovation, Adaptability, and Leadership―that improve an organization's ability to leverage the new opportunities in a volatile global economy
  • Profiles of several amazing leaders who are working to make a difference
  • Cutting-edge research and case studies via invited contributors offering a wealth of knowledge and experience

Move beyond mere survival to realize breakaway success in the global economy with the practical guidance found in Business Intelligence Success Factors.

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