Just Who Do You Think You Are!?!

self-love Aug 04, 2020

Has anyone ever said this to you?

Think about it! This statement can be interpreted both positively and negatively… right?



If someone says this to you in a shaming or dismissive tone, then something you are doing is threatening to them. Their comment is an attempt to suppress or control your behavior.

As an adult, you might just brush it off. However if you heard this as a child, you may be afraid to fully show up. You may be playing small. Sound familiar?

I spent a majority of my life playing small. I had very low self-esteem. I was afraid to be seen. After many years of healing work, I came across a profound quote by Marianne Williamson, I was liberated by the sentence, “It’s not our darkness but our light that frightens us.”

Over the years, I’ve tested and developed numerous techniques and practices to move through fear and show up fully.

Could fear be stopping you from sharing your wisdom? We all need to find ways to push through...

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