Tired of Squeeze Pages? Try Hug Pages?

marketing Mar 04, 2020

Just yesterday I purchased software under duress! There was literally a clock showing time racing by in 1/10 of a second increments. And I had 8 minutes to decide!!

I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy being pressured into making purchase decisions where I have a short amount of time or my chances for the best deal will vanish – never to be seen again. Can you relate? And yet it’s the norm for most marketing funnels.

How about we start doing things differently? What if our intention is to sell to the prospect who will get the best benefit from our product or service? And perhaps in a timeframe that gives them room to breathe?

A squeeze page encourages us to make quick decisions using scarcity of time or resources. But how many of us make bad decisions when we are under pressure or feeling a sense of potential regret if we don’t act immediately?

A ‘hug’ page, on the other hand, would be about serving the highest potential of our...

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