Are you noticing that there is no more ‘business as usual?’

Can you imagine you and your business operating at a higher frequency?

We are in a time of rebirth! There are new energies coming onto our planet.

These new energies are bringing a higher frequency. It’s the frequency of LOVE!

Harness the power of love for your business and there’s no stopping you!

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Protirement™: Your Second Act with Purpose, 4 Steps to Sharing Your Wisdom with the World

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Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If someone asked you these questions, what would you say? What comes to mind when I pose these question to you?  Click below to read more...

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Corporate Success Demands a Workplace Culture Based on Love

There is ample evidence suggesting that companies whose leaders create a culture of caring and connection enjoy higher profits. Here's how.

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My Big "Why"

Corporations are the most powerful entities on the planet — more powerful than most nation states. If we successfully convince corporate leaders that treating their employees with kindness, compassion, and affection is good for business, just imagine the impact we can have. Inviting leaders to empower their employees may challenge some egos and inspire some soul-searching, but the benefits are worth it. Given our current economic pressures, many companies are looking for new ways to grow. If one company within an industry makes the shift from a culture of fear to a culture of love, the rest will have to follow suit — just to stay in the game.

My Passion for Writing

I've written several books and have a lot more waiting to be written. My most recent books are the foundation of my course, Love All of Yourself.

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