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Are you stuck in a place in your work or life that leaves you feeling uninspired? Would you like to do more with your innate gifts?
Are you passionate about making a positive difference in the world?  Would you like to find a way to express more of your authentic self? Would you like to connect more deeply to others?
There is a reason for this…
Many of us are waking up… We yearn to make a difference – to use our innate gifts in a way that improves our lives and the lives of others.  Join our loving family where you will find support and tools to help you step into the best version of yourself. ❤️️

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Do you want to feel more self-love? Please join us as we boost our self-esteem and confidence with one simple practice each day for 5 days!

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Love All of Yourself Course

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We offer coures that are interactive or self-driven. Browse our courses on Self-Love, Finding Your Purpose (in development), and Effective Communication Skills for Hightech Workers (in development)..


Tired of Squeeze Pages? Try Hug Pages?

I don’t enjoy being pressured into making purchase decisions where I have a short amount of time or my chances for the best deal will vanish – never to be seen again. Can you relate? Click 'Blog' to see more...


Speaking at Extreme Leadership Conference

Join me! I am thrilled to be among a lineup of amazing speakers at the next Extreme Leadership Weekend in sunny San Diego next February on LEAP weekend! Learn to power your business with LOVE!


My Big "Why"

Corporations are the most powerful entities on the planet — more powerful than most nation states. If we successfully convince corporate leaders that treating their employees with kindness, compassion, and affection is good for business, just imagine the impact we can have. Inviting leaders to empower their employees may challenge some egos and inspire some soul-searching, but the benefits are worth it. Given our current economic pressures, many companies are looking for new ways to grow. If one company within an industry makes the shift from a culture of fear to a culture of love, the rest will have to follow suit — just to stay in the game.

My Passion for Writing

I've written several books and have a lot more waiting to be written. My most recent books are the foundation of my course, Love All of Yourself.

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